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Litigation Finance

Litigation Finance

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Litigation finance is a new offering which has a number of key differences to traditional litigation funding.  Instead of taking a percentage of the outcome of the case, either a fixed return is agreed or an interest rate is charged on the amount borrowed to cover the costs of running a litigation.  This is particularly beneficial for claims with damages sub £5M and can make the difference of getting a case started than not being able to pursue due to the costs versus proportionality argument.

The benefits are clear – the client knows at outset how much the litigation will cost, as this cost is not dependent on any settlement awarded.  They can then make a decision as to whether to pursue the litigation.

Maxima are able to offer this type of finance, subject to the usual suitability criteria.  Should you wish to discuss this with us, then please contact us.

Vanessa Andrews                                                                 
February 2020