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Thursday 20 September 2018

Do you have or have you been in a position where you have been instructed on a case, that has good prospects of success and recoverability but the client has not been able to fund the costs of issuing the claim and ongoing disbursements?

There are now more and more funders that are coming into the market looking to bridge the gap on smaller funding requirements, than the traditional funding market, where on average damages are sought in the region of £3M plus.  For smaller cases where the damages are in excess of £250,000 then costs and disbursement funding can offer a real opportunity to get cases off the ground.

Often a case requires the solicitor to operate under a full CFA or hybrid CFA but even with this assistance the client cannot afford the costs to get started.

If this is the case, then we would encourage you to contact Maxima. We would need a counsel’s opinion on the merits and the overall costs would need to be proportionate to the overall damages for this to be a consideration. For further information please contact Vanessa Andrews.



We are shortly to launch an adjudication funding facility to run alongside our Adjudication Insurance or Construction disputes.  Watch out – details will follow soon.


Should you be interested to speak to us about either of the above funding options please contact us on 0333 772 0454.