What do our Clients say?

Paul Tweed, Senior Partner, Johnsons Law.

“Paul Tweed is recognised as one of the world’s highest profile Media Lawyers. He has operated in the international marketplace for more than 30 years achieving record damages for his clients in Ireland and the UK. He has represented national newspapers, publishers and numerous international personalities in the music film, sport and entertainment worlds.


Paul heads up the Media and Dispute Resolution departments of Johnsons and is also registered as a Foreign Legal Consultant in the US. He says:


“It has long been given knowledge that my area of expertise was a difficult area for legal expenses insurers. I met Mark Andrews and Maxima and they brought a new way of approaching this to me. Seeking to fully understand my practice, our style and methodology they built an analysis that showed the genuine risk not the perceived risk, and allowed my clients the option of managing the cost and risk of litigating.

Neither cost nor risk should inhibit access to justice.”



James Gbesan, Head of Investment, Managed Legal Solutions Ltd.

“Working with Vanessa restored my faith in brokers, she went above and beyond my expectations and really helped to build the case into a viable investment opportunity. I was extremely impressed with the work that Vanessa did on the case, she really worked hard for the client, and showed to me as a third party funder the value of working with professional brokers like Maxima.”



Mr Elliott, Client.

“I would highly recommend Maxima to anyone looking for Third Party Funding. I was introduced to Vanessa who from the beginning personally believed in my case and that it was worth investing her time and expertise, in building a team of highly experienced, solicitors, barristers, experts in order to present my case for funding. I had previously approached other Solicitor firms direct but can honestly say their time was limited and Maxima have remained committed in supporting my case all the way through. Vanessa has exceeded my expectations of what I would expect to have received from a broker service and she has managed the various relationships throughout this process. I look forward now to progressing my case to a successful outcome.”



William Frain-Bell, Barrister, Thomas Moore Chambers.

“I have worked with Maxima on a number of cases and cannot recommend them highly enough. Focussed and driven, they have access to litigation funds to suit almost every type and size of claims. In addition their knowledge of and access to litigation insurance is second to none and their one stop shop approach bringing insurance and funding under the one umbrella is unquestionably the way forward.”



Fiona Huntriss, Boies Schiller & Flexner (UK) LLP.

“We were very impressed with how Maxima had professionally presented their clients case for Third Party Funding and it was refreshing to see such an organised case, compared to how often cases are presented in a piecemeal fashion to us from third parties.”